Cardi B is learning how to drive in the most bad and boujee way possible. The Bronx, N.Y. rapper is taking to the streets for the first time in her Rolls-Royce truck.

Cardi B Takes a Driving Lesson in Her Flossy Rolls-Royce Cullinan

On Thursday (April 11), Cardi B hit up Instagram Live to give fans a little insight into a new journey she's embarking on—she's taking driving lessons. In the video clip below, a very nervous Bardi can be seen navigating around her neighborhood streets while her instructor guides her on her path. However, Cardi's introduction to the world of independent travel is not behind the wheel of a hoopty, as is the case with most newbies on the road. She's sporting an incredibly classy Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV.

"I'm not really trying to be boujee and everything," Cardi B explains in the IG video below. "But deada*s, I only got the Bentley truck here and my Rolls-Royce truck. I can not find the Bentley truck keys ever since I moved to my new house. So, we ain't got no choice."

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Why Is Cardi B Just Now Learning How to Drive?

After the lavish lesson full of laughter is finished, Cardi divulges why she's just now learning how to drive in the first place. She's taking up driving under the advice of her therapist that she needs to try new things to relieve stress.

"So, to be honest with you guys," Bardi declares. "My therapist said I gotta pick up a healthy habit because she said that I'm too involved with, like, work and work is taking over my life. She said for an hour a day, I gotta pick up a healthy habit. One of the healthy habits that I'm picking is driving. So, today is my first day."

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In the Instagram Live video below, watch Cardi B explain why she's learning how to drive in style with her Rolls-Royce truck.

Watch Cardi B Learn How to Drive in Her Rolls-Royce Truck

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