Over the weekend, Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu's Beef intensified as they insulted each other on social media over a contract dispute.

Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu Beef Over Contract Dispute

On Sunday (Sept. 3), Boosie BadAzz jumped on his Instagram page and blasted Yung Bleu after he saw his IG post where the rapper-singer posted a photo of a bag of $1 million in cash that presumably he collected from all his recent shows. Bleu's post made the Louisiana rapper furious because he and Bleu have been beefing over their contract dispute for over a year. Boosie claims that Bleu owes him money for discovering him.

"N THIS N***A STILL DONT WANNA PAY ME!! AT THIS POINT HE PLAYING ME LIKE IM JUST A B***H ASS N***A [okay fingers emoji]," he wrote on IG.

Yung Bleu caught wind of Boosie's IG post and went on Twitter to write his lengthy response. In since-deleted tweets, the "Your Mines Still" artist called Boosie "a snake" and claimed that he doesn't owe him any money. He also alleged that he offered Boosie $2 million and the publishing rights to his mixtape catalog, along with 50 percent of his new songs and 100 percent of his old material, but Boosie turned down his offer.

"He not a yo gotti!" wrote in part. "N***a won't 10 million for not investing 1 dollar. Yo brother put up money! I gave u my whole first deal funds. 100k off the love and the rights to all my mixtape s**t. And 50% split. And offered u 2 million."

Bleu later clarified in a tweet that Boosie's anger is really directed towards his brother and not him.

"Him and his brother got a lifetime feud going on that span way deeper than me and I'm in the middle," he tweeted. "They business was sloppy [TQ] talks about it in a new interview but he still acting timid about speaking cuz end of the day they brothers."

"But I'll tell ya with my chest. They business was f**ked up your brother started [BadAzz Music Syndicate] and they been into way before I came along," he continued.

Bleu's tweets prompted Boosie to post several long angry messages aimed at Bleu on his IG page where he called him "Mr. Ungrateful."

"N***a u big cap ...u have a lying disease. You so stupid everything u got I gave to u whether through [Boosie’s brother] TQ [or] whether u was asking me for it. Yo promotion came from by bank account clown!" he wrote.

"You go do a deal for 5 mill n forge my signature n don’t tell me nothing #snake then wait till I get shot n bring me 100k on Instagram n say this for being my CEO but still never tell me about a deal Guess your conscience was eating u up #snake," he continued.

"U ungrateful n you a liar n karma is going to catch you," he added. "U just dont wanna see me with my money. Then lie n say you sent me 50k when I was n jail U #snake."

Before closing his message Boosie wrote, "They playing u like a duck. The whole world knew u was my artist. "Nobody an't know u n***a I made people know u LOL[.] U tryna trick me off the streets bra…U a cut throat artist no better yet just a ungrateful person."

Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu continued their back and forth on social media. You can read their angry posts below.

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Why Are Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu Beefing With Each Other?

Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu haven't been seeing eye to eye with each other for the past year. Boosie is pissed at Empire Records for signing Bleu, who he claims is his artist. He also went on social media to call them out and say that they're trying to steal his talent. Boosie also alleges that his name was forged on a contract when they signed him. Later, Boosie took things to the next level by designing T-shirts that called Yung Bleu and Empire Records CEO Ghazi Shami "snakes." Boosie says he plans on suing all parties involved for allegedly cutting him out of a deal.

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Read Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu's back and forth below.

Read All the Angry Messages Between Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu Below

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