Boosie BadAzz says that he and YoungBoy Never Broke Again have a mutual agreement not to speak about each other.

Boosie BadAzz Says He and YoungBoy Never Broke Again Have a Mutual Understanding Not to Talk About Each Other

On Monday (Feb. 26), Boosie stopped by Cam Capone News for an interview and was asked to share his thoughts on Joe Budden calling YB's music trash in December. Boosie took a minute to think about his response, but then decided to pass on the question.

"I don't really wanna comment on that s**t," Boosie said. "I don't really wanna comment on that s**t. Me and YB got an understanding on some s**t right now. I ain't speaking on him, he ain't speaking on me. We ain't really talkin' or nothin'. I don't wanna talk about him, he don't wanna talk about me. Keep it like that."

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Boosie BadAzz Says He Dissed YoungBoy Never Broke Again in a Song to Avoid Killing Him

Boosie BadAzz and YB's relationship has been fairly contentious in recent years. Back in 2022, Boosie told VladTV that his song "I Don't Call Phones I Call Shots" was meant as a diss to YoungBoy. When asked why he responded to YB, who had targeted Boosie on his inflammatory diss track "I Hate YoungBoy," Boosie said, "’Cause I didn't want to kill him."

Boosie BadAzz clarified that his issue was with YoungBoy not clearing any of his songs.

"That’s one thing I can speak on you know, you clearing all of these other n***a songs, but [you're] supposed to be my dawg, you ain’t clearing my s**t,” he said. “I didn’t like that s**t."

When asked if he'd communicate with YoungBoy, Boosie said the Top rapper had hurt his feelings and that he didn't wanna talk.

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Watch Boosie BadAzz speak about the mutual understanding he has with YoungBoy Never Broke Again below.

Watch Boosie BadAzz Speak About Mutual Understanding with YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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