Blueface and Soulja Boy's beef appears to have come to an end, but Blue still wants to knuckle up with the Atlanta rapper.

Blueface Responds to Soulja Boy's Truce

On Sunday (Jan. 21), Blueface responded to Soulja Boy's call for a truce and offer to send $1,000 to Blueface in jail.

"I won again," Blueface said in audio of the phone call shared on social media, which can be heard below. "That’s why I heard Soulja Boy apologizing. That s**t was real, real respectful. That’s more like it. I hate to pop it Soulja, but I turned myself in fashionably late with $1,000 in my pocket. You can keep that small change, but I’ll still need that fade. You promised me, right?"

He continued: "OK, thank you. So yeah, we gonna do it like gentlemen and we gonna get that out the way again. We ain’t even get no money. I made enough off cuz for the rest of the year taking a dub, I’m undefeated, cuz. Who f**king with me, bro?"

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Blueface and Soulja Boy's Short-Lived Beef Explained

Issues between Blueface and Soulja Boy were birthed in December of 2023, after Blue claimed he would beat SB in a Verzuz. The two rappers exchanged vitriolic shots in the days afterward, and things continued after Blueface was locked up for a probation violation.  Soulja Boy initially said he wanted Blueface freed so they could fight. He later clowned Blueface for getting locked up and threatened to pay someone to have Blue assaulted in jail. Over the weekend, Soulja had a change of heart and decided to squash the beef, prompting Blue's latest response.

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See video of Blueface's phone call from jail responding to Soulja Boy.

Watch Blueface Respond to Soulja Boy's Truce

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