The Benzino and Eminem saga continues as ’Zino recently took his talents to Detroit to film a new music video at Em's restaurant.

Benzino Films Video at Eminem's Restaurant

On Wednesday (March 20), videos emerged online, showing Benzino at his archnemesis Eminem's hometown restaurant, Mom's Spaghetti. In the footage, which can be found at the bottom of this post, Benzino appears to be shooting a media video. And based on his Instagram posts, ’Zino confirmed that's exactly what he was doing. Benzino traveled to Eminem's stomping grounds and filmed the visual for his new song "Rap Elvis," which came out last month.

In a social media post shared yesterday, fellow Detroit rapper and Eminem collaborator Royce 5'9" called "cap" on Benzino filming his video on Em's turf. However, ’Zino proceeded to call Royce's bluff, responding to the comment with: "no," followed by a cap and devil emojis. Essentially telling Royce, he's serious about his latest Em-related antic.

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Benzino Shares Video Footage From "Rap Elvis"

Footage shared on YouTube by user Southpawer shows Benzino picking up food from Mom's Spaghetti and walking through the restaurant, all while being recorded. The Boston rapper is later seen holding signage, which says: "Got your pasta? Enter here for limited Mom's Spaghetti seating." In the clip, Benzino is carrying the sign into a sprinter van. He is also seen being filmed eating spaghetti from the establishment and tosses the food to the ground, seemingly in disgust.

It's unclear when Benzino's video for "Rap Elvis" will be released, but this can certainly be added to the list of exchanges between Benzino and Eminem.

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Check out Benzino shooting his music video at Eminem's Mom's Spaghetti restaurant below.

Watch Benzino at Eminem's Restaurant

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