Benny The Butcher promises that his new album will be a seminal moment for Def Jam Recordings, and hip-hop as a whole. In a new interview with XXL, Benny gives a reminder that he's the first Buffalo, N.Y. rapper to ever get a deal with the respected rap label. A historical feat in and of itself, but as Benny has slowly cooked up his new album, Everybody Can't Go, these past two years, the rapper has upped the stakes even higher by speaking so highly of it.

Benny thinks his upcoming LP will be the best hip-hop album Def Jam has dropped since DMX's 1998 debut album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot. Even though it's only January, Benny's also cited Everybody Can't Go as the best album of 2024, the "most anticipated s**t" everyone's been waiting for, and persistently argued that he's rap's next prolific MC.

"I've gotten so good that people wanna stop congratulating me, and that's weird," he tells XXL with a sly grin. "I've gotten so good with this s**t that people is like, 'Man, let's stop telling him he good.' That s**t don't help. I'm the next one. I'm the chosen one blessed by the hand of God, and January 26th everybody gonna f**king see it."

When asked if any of this anticipation caused his focus to falter in the studio, Benny The Butcher reminded XXL that he's built differently, and that simply "everybody can't go."

"I'm at a different phase," Benny says. "I'm about to board another plane to another destination and everybody can't go. Everybody makes it to different checkpoints and that's why they say it's lonely at the top. That crowd that you show with from jump, you don't show with that crowd at the top. And I don't make the rules I just play by 'em."

Watch the full conversation with Benny The Butcher below, in which he speaks on his relationship with the Griselda Records crew of Westside Gunna and Conway The Machine, his thoughts on the state of rap and clarifies his statement that he'll vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Watch Benny The Butcher's Interview With XXL

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