B.G. hopped on the phone with 2 Chainz last week shortly after his release from prison, and the phone call can now be heard on Tity Boi's Instagram.

B.G. Calls 2 Chainz After Getting Released From Prison

B.G., who rose to fame as the founding member of Cash Money Records' Hot Boys, made an eager phone call to 2 Chainz on Friday (Sept. 8) after B.G.'s release from prison earlier this month. He said he plans not only to get back to touring, but to "flood the streets" with "eight albums" worth of music as soon as possible. Tity Boi, who posted the call to his Instagram, said B.G. should first take a few weeks "to get calibrated," and the Hot Boys founder agreed he was excited to get himself "surrounded by some real love."

"If everything work out, man, I should be back on the road by November, man, December," B.G. could be heard saying. "I’m lookin’ forward to it, but I’m about to get in this lab, man–do me about seven, eight albums right quick, and just get to leakin’ that s**t, man, puttin’ that s**t out, floodin’ the streets. I got too much s**t."

"You need about 30 to 45 days to get your s**t, get calibrated," Tity Boi replied.

"Hell yeah, man. I just want to get with the kids and s**t," B.G. said in agreement. "Get surrounded by some real love. Man, I'm gonna just keep in touch, just to stay tapped in."

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B.G. Has Called Up Multiple People Since Prison Release

2 Chainz isn't the first person B.G. has phoned up since his release from prison on Sept. 5. In the days since his freedom, B.G. also FaceTimed with Maino, The Game, Wack 100 and Bun B.

"The call we been waiting for!" Bun B wrote on Twitter after the aforementioned FaceTime. "@birdman hit me up to show me @new_bghollyhood is a free man! This put a smile on my face! God is great! Hot Boys reunion coming soon!"

Why Did B.G. Go to Prison?

B.G. was sentenced to 14 years behind bars in 2012, after he pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a firearm and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice stemming from a 2009 traffic stop arrest. B.G. was released on Sept. 5 after serving out the majority of his sentence, and soon after it was announced by Birdman that he'd be rejoining Cash Money.

"For the record, I just want n***as to know that my n***a [B.G.] official Cash Money—ain’t no cap in that, Birdman told The 85 South Show on Friday. “Ya heard me? Ain’t nobody he can ever sign with beside this s**t. I’m bringing all this s**t together. B.G. signed to Cash Money so y’all don’t got to hear it from nowhere else.”

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Listen to 2 Chainz's phone call with B.G. below.

Listen to 2 Chainz's Phone Call With B.G.

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