UPDATE (Oct. 30):

Flavor Flav is explaining his seemingly random national anthem performance. According Flav, his performance had sentimental value.

"It may seem odd for Flavor Flav, a member of Public Enemy to do the National Anthem," he tweeted on Monday (Oct. 30). "But I had family that served in the United States military and I wanted to honor them...I had family that fought in World War 2. My dad was in the army. They fought for the land that we live on, and some of them didnt make it back. So when I was singing it, I was thinking about them and the advancements we have made in our community that I can perform the anthem."


50 Cent is making fun of Flavor Flav's recent viral rendition of the national anthem.

50 Cent Jokes Flavor Flav's National Anthem Performance

On Monday (Oct. 30), 50 Cent reacted to video of Public Enemy's Flavor Flav performing the The Star-Spangled Banner at the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Falcons game on Sunday night (Oct. 29). Fif joked about Flav's spirited attempt.

"WTF [face to palm emoji]," 50 Cent captioned the viral video below. "I think this means we going to war, this is a sign fvck it get the strap."

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Flavor Flav's Viral National Anthem Performance

Flavor Flav's rendition of the national anthem at the Bucks vs. Hawks game was very unexpected. Usually reserved for singers with vocal range, the P.E. hype man's version wasn't exactly in the correct key. He made it through, though. Flav celebrated the moment on social media last night.

"The anthem was a long time bucket list item," he posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. "That was fun! I can’t live my life worried about what people might say about me. I won’t let that stop me from trying new things and doing things I wanna do. Some people might not like that. But a sure failure is if you stop trying."

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See 50 Cent's reaction to Flavor Flav's rendition of the national anthem below.

Check out 50 Cent's Response to Flavor Flav's Viral National Anthem Performance

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