Fresh off celebrating his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Dr. Dre hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Eminem, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg to create a hilarious skit based off the classic medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

Jimmy Kimmel Has No Private Parts

In the spoof, which debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night (March 19), Dr. Dre stars as his namesake by playing a doctor in the ER while late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel plays a patient. The moment is a bit of a nod to 50 Cent's own 2003 "In Da Club" video, in which Dre and Eminem play doctors who create the ultimate rapper in the G-Unit leader.

Kimmel shocks Dr. Dre when he realizes the man does not have any private parts.

"What the f**k is this?" Dre asks. "This man has no penis."

"What?" Jimmy asks, looking befuddled. "I have a penis."

"Not according to what I'm looking at," Dre concludes.

From there, Dre calls Dr. Broadus, a.k.a. Snoop Dogg, to take a closer look with a magnifying glass. Then Dr. Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, arrives with a telescope to make the ultimate inspection. "Sorry," Fif tells Jimmy while patting him on the shoulder. 50 informs both Dre and Snoop: "You guys gotta see this."

Dre begins poking and prodding Jimmy with a medical instrument, only to pull out what looks like a "piece of bubble gum," according to Snoop. Jimmy insists he came in to get a colonoscopy and this is not what he signed up for. Things get worse but hilariously hip-hop when the host flatlines, yet Dr. Dre uses Kimmel's heartbeat to make a beat.

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Eminem and 50 Cent Share a Funny Moment

Before the skit comes to an end, Eminem makes an appearance holding a syringe full of green goo. "You only get one shot," he says while looking directly at the camera.

"One shot, I been shot nine times," 50 Cent tells Em, referring to the wild story when he got shot as many times in 2000, and survived the incident.

"That's a weird flex, but OK," Em responds.

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See the four rap legends showcase their acting skills on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.

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