2 Chainz is back with another episode of Most Expensivest and this time he puffs on the most expensive veganic weed.

In the latest episode of Most Expensivest, which premiered on GQ's YouTube channel on Friday (May 12), 2 Chainz, along with his co-host comedian Sarah Silverman, talked with weed pioneer Kyle Kushman who created an inventive process of growing cannabis he calls "veganic," which means the weed is both vegan and organic.

Growing pure and clean marijuana is expensive. While today's manufacturers grow weed with the use of chemicals, veganic weed is cultivated with natural nutrients untouched by chemicals or preservatives. But the process is very expensive. According to Kushman, it costs $200 a pound to just make the food to help grow veganic weed.

"This weed has a soul," said Kushman when describing veganic weed.

To buy one veganic weed joint, it would cost you $37. But 2 Chainz upped the ante and asked Kushman how much a pound of natural weed would run him.

"How much a pound of Oreo going for?" asked Deuces.

Kushman responded: "The organic cannabis, if you can find it, it's really rare because of the work that goes into it and the expense. It's pretty damn near a $1,000 an ounce."

"What?!?" screamed 2 Chainz when he heard the price of vegan weed (via the 7:40-mark in the video below).

"Hell naw!" the Atlanta rapper exclaimed. "Hell naw! A $1,000 for a zip? $1,000 for 28 grams? $1,000 for [an] ounce of weed veganic?"

"That s**t, sometimes when you make it that expensive, it make people want it, you know what I'm saying?" he continued.

2 Chainz added: "Good God almighty. We got $16,000 for a pound. Man, get tha f**k!"

Kushman then told 2 Chainz that he didn't leave his house for five years because he was selling so much vegan weed. "People would come to my house and just bring me money," he said.

The "I'm Different" rhymer saluted him and said, "That's trappin'! That's trappin'! That's trappin', man!"

Yesterday's weed price is not today's weed price.

Watch 2 Chainz and Sarah Silverman Smoke Expensive Veganic Weed on Most Expensivest Below

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