"You know where you are?  You're in the Jungle Baby!"

Photo: YouTube
You know where you are?

It's quite fitting that Guns N Roses is playing at SPAC this weekend as we take a rickety stroll back in time to remember a now-defunct attraction/ride at the Great Escape.

Jungle Land

I'm not sure how many of you remember the African-themed Jungle Land, but I sure do.

As a kid, I enjoyed walking on that rickety bridge over the swap-like waters after that massive gorilla that greeted you. I can still hear the jungle man saying, "You like my jungle?"

I did like your jungle, sir. Probably more than most.  But over time, I'm realizing that more people miss this interesting attraction that was free with your paid park admission.

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube


Jungle Land opened up in 1960 and went away in the mid-2000s, but pieces of it do exist (along with the defunct train ride) in that area of the park.

Recently, I found an old video made by a family walking through Jungle Land during Memorial Day weekend back in 1995 on YouTube, and it's awesome.

The nostalgia hit me like Hurricane Harbor

There were electronic alligators and crocs that jumped out of the water, hippos, and elephants, even a lion's den, and human heads in giant cauldrons.  But the weirdest thing was the sign that told visitors of the park to stand beneath the giant Tiki Man's legs to "become fertile".

Photo: YouTube

I wonder how many Jungle Land babies were made that year?

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