It's finally approved! The first Capital Region Costco is a go near Crossgates Mall. It has been a three-year battle but the last part of the process has been approved!

Grocery Sales Help Costco Sales Growth
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Where Will the Costco Be Built?

The Guilderland Zoning Board of Appeals voted 4-0 on the plan for the $40 million, one hundred sixty-three thousand square foot Costco store, a gas station with eighteen pumps, and room for seven hundred seventy-seven parking spaces according to the Albany Business Review. It would be built near the intersection of Western Ave, Johnston Road, and Crossgates Mall Road.

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What Was The Hang-Up?

A special use permit was needed to begin building the new Costco near Crossgates Mall. The Albany County Planning Board first rejected the special permit citing many reasons including the zoning district and the impact on traffic. But the Guilderland Zoning Board stated that the Costco store plans were consistent with the zoning district. So they gave their approval to build the big box store.

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There's Still One More Step to Clear

Pyramid Management Group, LLC is still trying to receive nearly four hundred thousand dollars in exemptions on sales and compensating use taxes. They are also requesting a seventy-five thousand dollar mortgage tax exemption. This would come from the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency.


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