A beloved local hot dog restaurant has gone up in flames, and customers are fearing the worst after seeing the extensive damage done by the fire. Here's what we know.

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NEW: Hot Dog Charlie's in Cohoes Destroyed in Devastating Fire

Multiple sources are reporting that the Hot Dog Charlie's location in Cohoes has been destroyed by a large fire. The fire was noticed by employees who were opening the restaurant on Wednesday morning, according to WNYT, and soon after that, the blaze was burning out-of-control.

Hot Dog Charlie's history dates back three generations to 1922. They operate locations in Troy, Rensselaer, and Cohoes, the last of which is shown below:

Check out WNYT's report from the scene of the blaze:

Check out these photos from the scene:

The building is considered by many to be a total loss, and a full rebuild will likely be necessary for the legendary hot dog restaurant. A timeline has yet to be established for any attempts at a rebuild, and it has not been confirmed that a build would happen at this location.

Stay tuned for updates on that.

Hear from Cohoes Fire Department Chief on Status of Hot Dog Charlie's

WNYT has posted this video, featuring Cohoes Fire Chief Joseph Fahd, to their Facebook page. Take a look:

No one was injured in the blaze, according to reports. The fire is still being investigated, and a cause/origin has yet to be determined. It is suspected that the cause of the fire was accidental, however, according to a report from The Times Union.

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