There are quite a few superlatives that fans have been using to describe the New York Yankees in 2023. Some are suitable for print and radio, while others...not so much.

Then, there's Suzyn Waldman, long-time radio broadcaster for the Yankees, who described the team's game against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night in a way only she could.

The issue with her description, however, is that she didn't realize her microphone was on while she said it.

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Suzyn Waldman Caught on 'Hot Mic' Giving Honest New York Yankees' Analysis

A story from Awful Announcing shared a clip of Yankees' broadcaster, Suzyn Waldman, describing New York's game against Washington as if she was not currently on-the-air. Waldman's comment was made right at the end of a commercial break, and unbeknownst to her, her producer had turned the microphones on.

Not knowing this fact, she said this over the radio:

If nothing else, she certainly wasn't wrong!

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Here's the best part: fans of the team wholeheartedly agreed with her. Twitter users responded with cries of finally and good for her for saying it. Now, I'm sure the Yankees weren't thrilled to see one of their own broadcasters saying something like this, but when you employ John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman, you have to be prepared for anything to be said.

The Yankees, meanwhile, mustered two hits during the game, and lost the snooze-fest by a score of 2-1. It's safe to assume that Suzyn Waldman was far from the first person so comment about how boring last night's game was.

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