Former Buffalo Bills' All-Pro linebacker, Takeo Spikes, was welcomed back to Highmark Stadium ahead of his former team's home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Spikes even took the field ahead of kick-off, and fired up Bills Mafia over the loudspeaker with an epic pregame speech. As the game began, Spikes ascended to an upper level of Highmark Stadium to watch the game from a luxury box.

Or, as it turned out, part of the game. Here's what happened between Spikes and the Bills this past weekend that has fans shaking their heads.

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Former Buffalo Bills' All-Pro Rips Team for Seating Mishap at Home Opener

For those that did not see Spikes' pregame speech over the loudspeaker, here is a video clip of the epic rant:

Later that day, Spikes took to Twitter, and quote-tweeted the Bills' original tweet, above which he wrote his own message. Instead of thanking the team, or the fans, he tweeted a much different message.

Take a look at the post, and specifically, the photo that was attached:

Let's be honest with one another: this is a very tough look for the Buffalo Bills. Of ALL of the seats, and luxury boxes, available at Highmark Stadium that afternoon, you seated a former player of yours in this location? That's not acceptable.

Now, I know some people will read this story and respond like this: if you don't like your seat, you could simply move to another. This is true, technically speaking, but a FORMER BUFFALO BILLS' PLAYER shouldn't have to move his seat, or ask to be moved, after being welcomed back to the stadium and invited onto the field to speak to the fans.

I'm fairly certain that this was nothing more than a rare miscommunication on someone's part. That said, here's hoping that this is the last time we have to see a story like this.

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