You don't earn the nickname 'Bleacher Creatures' by accident.

No, New York Yankees' fans have been working to earn that nickname for years, and have kept the tradition alive at all costs, even after the move to the new Yankee Stadium. Fans who sit in the bleachers in The Bronx are known for being loud, rowdy, and ready to defend their team no matter what.

Those characteristics were on full display on Tuesday night, and one loud-and-proud New York Mets' fan learned about that reputation the hard way.

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Viral Video Shows New York 'Bleacher Creatures' Harassing Lone Mets' Fan

During Tuesday night's Subway Series game between the New York Yankees and Mets, one unnamed fan captured an interaction between two other fans in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. One fan was rooting for the Yankees, and was surrounded by a sea of pinstripes.

The other, however, was rooting for the away team, and was proudly wearing his blue-and-orange jersey. Here's what the video showed:

Goodness, this video was ugly from start to finish.

For one, you have the Yankees' fan tormenting this lone-wolf Mets' fan. Dumping ice cream and barbecue sauce on someone's head is much different than dumping water. If it's just water, though it's a bad thing to do to someone, it will dry. Ice cream and barbecue sauce are both sticky substances, and will stay with that fan all night.

Division Series - Cleveland Guardians v New York Yankees - Game Five
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Then, you have the accidental smearing of the sauce onto the jersey of the Yankees' fan in front of our victim, and the spraying of the water onto another fan's crisp home jersey while he was trying to rinse out his hair. There was no "highlight moment" in this Tik Tok video, that's for sure.

That all being said, I can only imagine how many other instances like this have taken place like this over the years and weren't caught on video. We're talking hundreds, and maybe even thousands, between Yankee Stadium I and II.

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