If reports are to be believed, the front office of the New York Yankees may have made up its mind on the fate of two of its most prominent leaders: Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone.

With the Yankees sitting on the outside of the playoff picture in August 2023, fans have been clamoring for major changes to be made, but other than the firing of hitting coach Dillon Lawson, little about this New York club has been altered.

Now, it appears as if the Yankees' front office may once again be ready to double down on this hand, and in my opinion, that's the wrong decision.

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Report: Yankees Keeping Cashman, Unsure on Boone After '23 Season

A story from CBS Sports cited information shared from NJ.com on the direction of the New York Yankees following the 2023 season. Reports have stated that the team will retain general manager Brian Cashman regardless of the outcome of the 2023 season, and that conversations of his firing have not been had at all.

That said, the team is less certain on the fate of manager Aaron Boone, and the result of the 2023 campaign may very well dictate Boone's future as skipper.

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In my opinion, the Yankees' front office has this one backward.

With Aaron Boone, I could go either way. The team has performed well during the regular season, but has yet to find consistent playoff success under his leadership. He's made some decent decisions in terms of rotation and bullpen management, but has also cost the team games with those same decisions. He also LOVES to get tossed from games, leading the league in manager ejections each of the last two seasons.

That being said, players seem to like playing for him, and he's a strong representative of the franchise in the media, taking the blame for situations in which players would otherwise be held accountable.

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On the other hand, we have the golden boy, Brian Cashman. Cashman was handed the keys to the castle in 1998, and his teams promptly won three World Series championships in a row. Yes, he was involved in front office operations in the years prior to 1998, but the team was largely constructed by an architect who wasn't him.

How many championship teams has he solely constructed in New York? One.

It's been well over a decade since the 2009 team won the World Series, and with every passing year, his roster-building decisions continue to lead to underwhelming results and unreached expectations.

If I were making this decision, I would part ways with Brian Cashman after the 2023 season. Once his successor was hired, I would let that person decide the fate of Aaron Boone. The Yankees need a new architect to take the reigns, and fans would largely welcome the change.

Sadly, none of this will happen. Sorry, pinstripe fans.

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