Jason Kelce has already found a new gig after retiring from the National Football League: member of Bills Mafia.

The long-time Philadelphia Eagles' center announced his retirement in a tear-filled speech on Monday, March 4th. One day after Kelce said his goodbye, a new video was posted on the social media channels of Kelce's podcast, New Heights.

The video begins with Kelce wearing a full-body suit and helmet, and a folding table being lit on fire. The rest, as they say, became history:

Though the video certainly caught some people by surprise, long-time listeners of New Heights heard about this plan in the past. As explained in an article from USA Today, Kelce recently promised Bills Mafia that he would jump through a flaming folding table at some point in the future.

To his credit, he delivered on that promise.

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After the stunt video was posted, the Kelce brothers discussed Jason's table-jumping technique on the podcast. Here's what they said:

Kelce and Bills Mafia have struck up quite the relationship in the past few months. Kelce stole the show during the Bills' playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs, chugging beers while engaging with fans in freezing cold temperatures.

Remember this?

Now, Kelce has once again pledged his allegiance to Bills Mafia, and one can't help but wonder what he might attempt next.

My money is on the ketchup-and-mustard shower:

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