In front of the camera and microphone, Aaron Rodgers has been the perfect ambassador for the New York Jets. He's played a huge role in installing the Jets' new offensive scheme, and he's been a great teammate and role model for younger members of the team.

On the field, however, Rodgers was the same confident, borderline-cocky superstar that the NFL world has seen in-action for over a decade, and if you don't believe us, you can ask New York Giants' LB, Jihad Ward.

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Aaron Rodgers Clowns NY Giants' LB Jihad Ward During Jets' Final Preseason Game

A clip shown on HBO's most recent episode of the Hard Knocks series went viral among NFL fans on Tuesday, after cameras caught Jets' QB Aaron Rodgers trash-talking a particularly eager member of the New York Giants' defense.

That defender was Jihad Ward, linebacker for Big Blue, who was putting in as much effort as possible during the final week of the preseason to guarantee himself a spot on New York's roster.

That didn't matter to Aaron Rodgers one bit, as the veteran QB made sure that Ward learned his lesson after an aggressive post-throw hit. Take a look at the clip:

Of all of the insults that an athlete can hurl at another athlete, I don't even know who you are is right near the top of the list of most devastating. Every football fan (and State Farm Insurance customer) is aware of who Aaron Rodgers is, while only the more hardcore football fans would recognize Jihad Ward's name if it was said in conversation.

It's not a slight against Ward, but rather, an acknowledgement of Rodgers' incredible football career. It's a good lesson for Ward, and other young football players, to learn quickly: if you're going to go after the king, you better not miss.

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