The life of a sports fan is an entertaining one, and one of the best traditions associated with sports fandom is the pregame tailgate party. Across the country, fans will gather by the hundreds and thousands on gameday to celebrate their team, and knock back a couple of cold drinks in the process.

Which drinks are sports fans reaching for most often during these raucous events? A recent study answered that question for us, both for the Empire State, and nationwide.

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Study Names New York's Most Popular 'Tailgate Beverage'

A study done by the folks at The Loupe shared their findings on the most popular alcoholic beverages for fans who are attending tailgates. To find this information, the experts at The Loupe examined Google Trend data for 36 of the most popular canned alcoholic drinks.

From there, they were able to identify which beverage was being searched for most often by thirsty sports fans in every state.

This likely won't be much of a surprise, but Labatt was identified as the most popular tailgate beverage in New York. The Empire State was one of two states, the other being Michigan, that had Labatt as their beverage of choice.

Blue Moon, meanwhile was by far the most popular tailgate beverage in the country, as a whopping 14 states searched for that brand of beer more often than any other.

Here are the preferred tailgate drinks of other states in the Northeast:

  • New York: Labatt
  • Massachusetts: Samuel Adams
  • Connecticut: Blue Moon
  • Vermont: Guinness
  • New Hampshire: White Claw
  • New Jersey: Blue Moon
  • Pennsylvania: Yuengling
  • Rhode Island: High Noon

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