There's a bit of a controversy brewing in Orchard Park.

Coming into the 2023 season, the Buffalo Bills were given the third-best odds (tied for third, to clarify) to win the Super Bowl at 9/1. Only the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals opened the year with shorter odds than the Bills. The roster underwent a bit of change during the offseason, but Brandon Beane's finished product appeared to be a masterpiece, ready to dominate on both sides of the football.

What's occurred since, however, has felt like a seven week-long reenactment of Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, played out on a football gridiron. Fans want answers for the team's inconsistency, especially when it comes to the offense.

They received answers earlier this week, but the answers didn't seem to help the team's cause very much.

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Ken Dorsey, Sean McDermott Provide Answers for Bills' Questionable Offense

A story from New York Upstate and other outlets shared quotes from Buffalo Bills' head coach Sean McDermott, as well as offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, regarding the state of the Bills' offense.

More specifically, the quotes addressed the role of Dorsey, a former quarterback and long-time offensive coach in the league, and McDermott, the team's head coach, and a career defensive coach before that.

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Here's how Dorsey addressed the questions about his role compared to McDermott's:

“He definitely has some input and definitely has a philosophical idea of what he wants,” Dorsey said. “And that’s something that continues to blend in with our offense.” - Ken Dorsey via NY Upstate

Meanwhile, here's what McDermott had to say on his role in the offense:

“I try not to micromanage,” he said. “I do step in when I feel like I need to and there’s been increased communication over the last few weeks and whatever area it is, I’m not going to just stay quiet." - Sean McDermott via NY Upstate

If you're a fan of the Buffalo Bills, and you read these quotes, are you thrilled? I sure wouldn't be.

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Look, I completely understand McDermott's desire to have a say in the offensive scheming. Dorsey is a first-time OC at the NFL level, and after Brian Daboll left the Bills' sidelines to accept the head coach position with the New York Giants, McDermott may have felt that Dorsey needed more help than his predecessor did.

That being said, due to the departure of DC Leslie Frazier, McDermott is overseeing the team's defense this season, too.

So, to recap: Sean McDermott is the team's head coach, the defacto defensive coordinator, AND plays an important role in the offensive play-calling. That's too much responsibility for one coach, if you ask me.

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The Buffalo Bills, and Sean McDermott specifically, need to trust Ken Dorsey to run this offense on his own. If said offense sputters, Josh Allen continues to turn the ball over, and their scoring output continues to be inconsistent, then the Bills will need to make a change under the headset.

That said, if you don't let Dorsey do his job, you'll never know if he's capable of running an NFL offense, or if he's not.

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