Throughout the run of the classic sitcom Seinfeld, baseball was a huge theme. Jerry Seinfeld (the person, and the fictional character) is a huge New York Mets' fan, while George Costanza somehow ends up working in the New York Yankees' front office.

From the "magic loogie" incident with Keith Hernandez, to the larger-than-life characterization of George Steinbrenner, there is no shortage of jokes for the baseball fan in Seinfeld.

We dug up clips from some of our favorite New York baseball moments on the show. Which one was your favorite?

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"The Magic Loogie" Incident

Well, that is one magic loogie! This Mets' moment turned out to be one of the most famous scenes in show history.

Costanza Shows Jeter, Williams How It's Done

Every now and then, George Costanza surprises us being great at something.

Costanza and the Cotton Uniforms

George Costanza was quick to put his stamp on the Yankees' franchise with his jersey fascination.

George Gets the Dream Job

He dreamed of being a baseball announcer, but found himself in the Yankees' front office, instead.

The Steinbrenner "Billy Martin" Rant

Sometimes, you can find humor in truth, and if nothing else, Billy Martin's tenure(s) with the Yankees sure were interesting.

Paul O'Neill and the "Two Home Runs"

This scene came moments before Paul O'Neill became a hero to one young boy in the hospital.

Steinbrenner's Calzone Obsession

"Big Stein" wanted a little taste, and the rest was history in the Yankees' front office.

How Could You Trade Jay Buhner?

Yes, George may have mysteriously vanished, but nothing will stop Frank Costanza from getting to the more important topics of the day.

Kramer Takes on Yankees at Fantasy Camp

Throwing inside on Joe Pepitone? Punching out Mickey Mantle. Just another day on the mound for Kramer at Yankees' fantasy camp.


Lou Gehrig's Pants

George thinks he's been fired, but instead, motivates George Steinbrenner to "embrace" the team's storied history, in a matter of speaking.

Frank Costanza Has Another Yankees' Complaint

This time, George and his friends on trial, and as George Steinbrenner takes the witness stand, Frank Costanza strikes again.

The *Actual* Steinbrenner Appears

Which George Steinbrenner do you prefer? The real one, or Larry David's voiceover one? Give me Larry David all day long.

Kramer Ruins the Mets' Game for Jerry

Even from the pilot episode, Jerry Seinfeld was a miserable New York Mets' fan.

Jerry Finds a Mets' Fan on the Train

No matter if you're sitting next to someone in the stands at (then) Shea Stadium, or next to them while they're naked on a train, talking about Mets' baseball can truly happen anywhere.


DiMaggio and His Dinky Donuts

Now THAT is some concentration!


Select information from The Sporting News was used in researching this article.

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