This season I plan to put a fire in my fire pit. Chances are most of us will find time to sit around a fire this season. Please make sure you are sourcing your wood locally. I like to get might at a local orchard that sells their old apple trees.

Camping season is underway and campfire wood is one of the most popular ways invasive species travel from location to location. It is really important that if you plan to travel you don't pack wood from your yard. And please don't get wood for your home from overstate lines.


New York State Firewood Regulations

The New York Department of Environment Conservation (NYS DEC) has strict guidelines to follow when it comes to acquiring firewood. They are working hard to make sure the invasive species that would travel on wood don't reach New York.

Make sure you Follow all the guidelines, especially these two:

  • Untreated firewood may not be imported into NY from any other state or country.
  • Untreated firewood grown in NY may not be transported more than 50 miles (linear distance) from its source or origin unless it has been heat-treated to 71° C (160° F) for 75 minutes.

You might ask why firewood is regulated so closely. According to the NYS DEC firewood carries invasive species long distances.

New infestations are often found around campgrounds. Indeed, other wood could also carry pests but typically other types of wood go through treatment processes that would most likely eliminate the bugs or plant material.

The NYS DEC has made this list of Pests and the type of wood they might burrow in:

What is the Penalty or Fine for Violating the New York State Firewood Policy

Under the Environmental Conservation Law, violations of these regulations are subject to a $250 fine, plus a $100 civil penalty and up to 15 days in jail. Untreated firewood found being moved in violation of this regulation may be ordered to be returned to its source/origin or confiscated and destroyed by law enforcement officers. (via NYS DEC PDF)

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