How do you react when someone annoys or angers you? A new study looked into how likely people from each state will exact petty revenge.

You might be asking what in the world inspired this niche study. Don't worry, I found myself asking that, too.

Apparently, there's a new bandwagon happening all over TikTok called the #petty-tiktok-trend. Basically, a bunch of kids rediscovered a 7-year-old YouTube video from comedian Cameron Starrkeisha of him pretending to be a squad of cheerleaders and are using the sound to create their own videos.

The challenge has TikTokers showing off how petty they can be while lipsyncing to the comedian's song.

The trend has been viewed 27.7 billion times, which is why wanted to check on the emotional wellbeing of its neighbor down south.

The Canadian pollster sent out a survey to 3,000 Americans and asked them to rate how petty they think they really are.

While New Yorkers have a reputation for being aggressive, mean and spiteful - it turns out we aren't actually very petty.

NY Among the Least Petty States in US

Shockling, New York received the fourth lowest score in terms of pettiness, with those in the Empire State admitting they're actually pretty chill.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

When rating their overall pettiness level on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most petty, New Yorkers averaged a score of 6 out of 10.

However, when it comes to what actually grinds their gears, residents said romantic relationships can bring out their worst traits. Turns out a small argument between lovers brings on the spite and revenge plotting, with 27 percent saying that is their biggest cause for pettiness.

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Friendships was the second-highest category, followed by driving. Gaming and work was the fourth-highest reason, respectively followed by social media and sports.

Examples of Pettiness asked respondents to share their pettiness confessions and the responses were both eye opening and worrisome.

Sad and worried entrepreneur with laptop

While some were a little funny, others made me really wonder if that person is okay in the head.

Meanwhile, there were several that made me go, "Yeah, that action is seemingly justified."

For example: "Before moving out of my old apartment, I took all the batteries out of everything my jerk roommate owned."

That tells me that roommate was a living nightmare. That person's revenge was harmless and meant to annoy.

Another good one was this: "I put chewed gum in the door handle of someone who took a parking spot I had been waiting for." Nothing is worse than having your patience blow up in your face.

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As for some examples that made me wonder if some people even know the definition of petty, such as this one: "I turn the game off when my wife is winning."

That's not petty. That's called being a child.

"My girlfriend once forgot to put gas in the car, so I hid the keys when she wanted to go out," was another head scratcher. Honestly, it would have been better if it was a tit-for-tat until the message was read loud and clear.

But there was one confession that made me wish there was more context because one person confessed to almost ending a friendship over $3.

How Petty Is The Rest of the US?

Turns out the pettiest state of all was Alabama, with 96 percent of respondents admitting they can get a little creative and dramatic when feeling slighted.

angry woman blowing steam coming out of ears

Nevada trailed in second place with a 95 percent of respondents saying they're petty, followed by Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, and Georgia coming next with a rating of 95 percent.

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As for the least petty state, that would be Vermot, with 68 percent of people admitting to their pettiness. However, the District of Columbia had the lowest score at all with 67 percent.

The only other states beating New York in the roundup were Nebraska and Utah, who tied with 71 percent.

Check out the infographic below to see how each state scored:


So... how petty are you? Do you agree with these findings?

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