If you're looking for a beautiful blue lake in Upstate New York, you are in luck. We are home to one of the bluest in the United States.

Skaneateles Lake is one of the most cleanest lakes in the country, and is the bluest lake you'll find in all of New York State. Many enjoy all kinds of boating on Skaneateles Lake from kayaking to sailing, and of course dining and shopping too.

So what makes it so blue? According to Only in Your State, the water is so blue because the lake lacks biological systems.

Another reason that water appears to be so blue simply has to do with the way the light hits and is reflecting in the depths of its water. It's all about science!"

Shockingly Skaneateles Lake beat out another famous New York lake...or we should say two.

Green Lake and Round Lake Have Blue Water Too

Maybe you've noticed that Green Lakes State Park has two lakes with blue water. Green Lake and Round Lake are both known as meromictic lakes, and they are blue and green. What does that mean? Atlasobscura.com has the science:

Meromictic lakes don’t see any of the normal seasonal mixing between water layers that lakes typically see, so their warmer surface waters stay eternally separate from the cold, mineral-saturated waters below. As such, anything that sinks to the the depths of these lakes stays there in a state of near-suspended animation, protected from the tick of time by the frigid, densely briny environment.

Think of it like this, meromictic lakes provide glimpses of ancient plant and animal life.

So the blue-green color of Green Lake and Round Lake comes from a combination of a few different factors: the lakes’ depths (180 feet for Round Lake, 195 feet for Green Lake) plus the lack of turbulence allows sunlight to penetrate much deeper than is normal for most lakes.

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From wooden schooners to War of 1812 battleships to modern-day freighters, over 200 vessels met their fate here."

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