The following is not coming from me. It's from a new study that has done all the due diligence anyone could ask for about New Yorkers and dating and *ehem* "the apps".  

Did you know that New York ranks as one of the nation's top daters, with residents searching for "love" 620,528 times per month? That's right. PER MONTH.

Is this shocking? I do not know.

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But that's not all, over 300 million people use dating apps worldwide, and around 20 million paying for premium features.  (Who are these people paying for dating apps nowadays?)


CREDIT: Canva/Envy McKee
CREDIT: Canva/Envy McKee

Christmas is, allegedly, a time for sharing experiences with a special someone-- which is why more people are keen to meet their perfect partner. Or perfect placeholder for their perfect partner. Cause, you never know.

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Here's where the bean counting comes in. Sexual wellness site has revealed that Americans are Googling dating-related terms an average total 9,464,952 times per month. (No hobbies aye?)



The research analyzes 50 US states based on the number of times each state Googles a keyword related to dating.  


The data includes 42 keywords such as; “dating”, “how to date”, “facebook dating”, “online dating”, “dating apps”, “free dating sites”, “pick up line ideas”, “lesbian dating apps”, “gay dating apps”, “speed dating near me”, “online dating”, “tinder”, “tinder date site”. 


The top 5 states out of 50 are as follows: Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, North Dakota and Vermont. Mississippi is last place at 50th.

Where does New York rank, you ask?

New York ranks 13th, with (as mentioned above) average monthly search volume of 620,528. New York's top search terms are "okcupid" and "zoosk login".

Of course those are the top search terms. Along with "what is love bombing?", "how to tell you're dating a narcissist" and "who should pay on the first date?"

It's still cuffing season afterall. Be safe out there.

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Data in this article was provided by Journo Research.

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