A recent poll revealed that 1 in 5 singles surveyed are bored with traditional dates. Maybe they need to take this Secret Pizza Tour in New York.

DatingNews.com conducted a poll of 3,000 singles to establish the top first date options in the U.S. There are plenty to choose from for sure:

Participants were asked to highlight the date spots that excited them the most, the places where sparks could fly. The findings shed light on the most thrilling dating suggestions that could inspire countless romantics planning to court their beloved this coming Valentine’s Day."

In New York State, coming in at number 20 overall on the list was "Secret Pizza Tours." The real question, what in the what does that mean? Secret Pizza Tours are part of a company called Secret Food Tours out of New York City.

On our Secret Pizza Tours: New York, we eat our way through the charming, historic, and bohemian neighborhood of the East Village located on the lower east side of Manhattan island."

If you plan on visiting New York City, you can read and book one online here.

Who Else From New York Made The List?

New York City made the list for DatingNews, what about other parts of the state of New York? Did they suggest anything outside of the city?

71) Food Crawl Through Jackson Heights, Queens.

81) Jazz Night at Village Vanguard.

121) Elizabeth Street (Secret) Garden in Nolita.

138) Wine Tasting in the Finger Lakes.

You can check out the entire list online here and start planning your next great date and event.

Who Got The Title Of Best Pizza For New York?

According to a recent Lovefood article, they went on the hunt for the best pizza places in America.

According to this article, the experts decided that the best pizza in all of New York State was Rubirosa, located in New York City:

This New York institution was opened by Aj Pappalardo, the son of the founder of iconic Joe & Pat's in Staten Island. It's home to the trademarked Tie Dye pizza, with pesto swirled on top of the tomato, mozzarella and vodka base. There are nine pizzas on the main menu, or you can build your own. Customers love the traditional vintage interior of the small restaurant, plus there is seating available outside on the patio."

Here's some photos from the restaurant:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

11 Delicious New York State Pizza Challenges You Need To Try

If you love eating pizza, and you have a pretty big stomach, have you ever considered taking part in a pizza eating competition? You should check out some of these pizza eating challenges scattered all over New York State.

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler