If you're looking for the best ice skating rinks in America, look no further than 2 located in New York State.

USA Today searched all over America highlighting the best places to slip on skates and glide across the ice. On their list, they highlighted 10 of the top places:

These 10 ice skating rinks have been nominated by an expert panel and voted by readers as the best in the country for providing superior ice skating experiences. From nostalgic outdoor rinks to venues with Olympic history, each one offers something special.


Where Are The Top Ice Skating Rinks In New York State?

From this list, New York State got 2 different shout outs on the list. Here's the places they decided to highlight:

Number 10- James C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval located in Lake Placid, New York

The James C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval hosted speed skating competitions during the 1980 Olympics. Today, visitors and locals alike come to skate in the tracks of legends at this popular outdoor rink in Lake Placid.

The Oval is located at 2634 Main Street. You can find out more online here.

Number 8- Wollman Rink located in New York City, New York

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Central Park, skating at Wollman Rink offers a quintessential New York City experience. Gliding on the well-maintained ice while enjoying views of the city’s iconic skyline has made this a favorite winter tradition of both locals and visitors for over 70 years."

You can find out more online here.

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