When it comes to spelling and grammar, does New York rank great or poor? There is one word apparently we all can't spell.

Despite spelling being taught at a very young age, many people still struggle with certain words or are just horrible spellers. What words is America misspelling, and how do Americans feel about autocorrect and spell check? That's the quest Unscrambled Words went on to un-scrabble, we mean unscramble.

We analyzed Google searches for which words were most searched (and misspelled) nationwide and surveyed over 1,000 Americans on their opinions on spell check and spelling more generally."


What Word Can't We Spell In New York?

Here in New York State, the word we search the most to check the spelling on is....

hors d'oeuvres

Yes, hors d'oeuvres. Not restaurant, not Congratulations, but hors d'oeuvres.

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What words were the most popular in each state?

Popular words that people couldn't spell included conscientious, quarantine, and hors d'oeuvre, with congratulations also coming out as surprisingly difficult to spell.

Maryland would lose first in our United States Spelling Bee, as residents here Google spelling more spelling words per capita than any other state. Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia round out the top five states searching the most for how to spell words."


What are the top searched words by Americans nationwide?

Restaurant takes first place as the #1 most searched, with chief, cemetery, quarantine, and niece shortly behind. Looks like “i before e, except after c” might have been excised from the Common Core.

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