Do you ever get sucked into dumpster diving videos on YouTube? Would you ever do it? Actually, is it legal for you to dumpster dive in New York State?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of "Dumpster Diving" is the act of salvaging from large commercial, residential, industrial, and construction containers for unused items discarded by their owners but deemed useful to the picker. So in simple terms, picking through the trash in a dumpster or big for treasure.

Recently in New Hartford, maybe you're like me. This author saw a woman dumpster diving behind Ulta. This is what made me look this topic up. Is it illegal? Was she trespassing? First off, before you dumpster dive at a business you should probably get permission to be there. Second, let's see if it's even legal:

Is Dumpster Diving Legal Or Illegal In New York State?

According to Eco Friendly Facts, dumpster diving in New York is not illegal. There are NO rules and regulations against this activity. However, you need to be cautious before you dive right pun intended:

But, every New Yorker needs to respect your city’s:

Trespassing laws
Municipality’s laws"

In short- You can dumpster dive. They even broke it down regionally more. They also pointed out two people who make a decent chunk of change doing it:

Erin and Dave Sheffield, from Buffalo, New York. They have been dumpster diving for almost 10+ years and making $3000 a month."

They recommend the following places to dumpster dive- apartment complexes, clothing stores, garage sales, cosmetic stores, and construction sites. Obviously you can't trespass here, you need permission to be at these places.

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