Warning- Consumer Reports urges people to reconsider eating certain colors of a popular Easter treat sold across New York State.

Candy Sold in New York May Cause Cancer

According to Consumer Reports, there are several varieties of Peeps marshmallow candies containing a known carcinogen. The ingredient, Red Dye No. 3, is used to make the candies pink or purple. Scroll down to find out the exact candies to avoid.

The Food and Drug Administration explains that companies have not been allowed to use this particular artificial coloring in cosmetics or external drugs in the United States for the past 34 years. However, it’s still perfectly legal to include in food and drugs that are meant to be ingested.

In their message to New York shoppers, Consumer Reports show that the dye, which is derived from petroleum, may cause cancer in animals. Research shows that lab rats who were fed large quantities of the artificial coloring later developed thyroid tumors. They also suggested that Red Dye No. 3 could be linked to hyperactivity and other behavioral problems in kids.


Where is Red Dye No. 3 Illegal?

The United Kingdom banned the additive from almost all food products in 1990. Along with the United Kingdom, Red No. 3 is already banned in The European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Japan. California became the first state to ban four food additives, including red No. 3.

Which Peeps Products Contain Red Dye No. 3?

Red Dye No. 3 will only be used in lavender and pink Peeps products in 2024, some of the other varieties that contain the dye are still for sale on Amazon. Here’s a look at those products:

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