One of the things we're known for in New York State is great food. More specifically, great restaurants. But which town in New York has the best restaurants?

Where can you find the absolute best restaurant options? According to a report on, the town that stands out from the rest is Lake Placid:

Lake Placid became well-known thanks to the 1980 Winter Olympics, and now this village in the Adirondack Mountains boasts a fantastic community of restaurants. The relatively rural setting has lead to interesting farm-to-table restaurants like Salt of the Earth Bistro and the Big Slide Brewery leading the pack. For special occasion fine-dining, head to The View at the Mirror Lake Inn."

24/7 Tempo put together a list of the Best Hidden Gem Restaurant in Every State and the choice for New York was also located in Lake Placid. The winner is Salt of the Earth Bistro. In choosing Salt of the Earth, 24/7 Tempo said:

Serving “twisted foods from traditional roots,” chef/owner Andrea Lautenschuetz is from Buffalo, giving credence to her restaurant’s name, but the food is internationally inspired.

The menu features dishes like Filipino spiced pork belly, Venison Brunswick stew, and Gambian peanut stew, along with more traditional beef, chicken, and fish choices served with unique garnishes and sides. Far And Wide also put together the perfect list of small towns for the ultimate girls weekend with towns from all parts of the country, and Lake Placid was selected.

Do you agree that Lake Placid is the top small town for restaurants? Let us know when you text us on our station app.

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