Whether you believe it or not, we are just three months from summer, especially with Upstate New York’s recent snow. That said, there are only about twelve weeks to glow up and prepare to be your best.

Whether you are just starting to prepare for your summer glow-up or you are in the middle of your journey, here are four steps we’ve found inspiring as you take steps to be in the best mindset for the warm season and the remainder of the already flying by year:

This list put together by our intern Mona

1) Change Your Current Hairstyle

Hair comes, goes, and grows just like the year’s seasons. Therefore, there’s always time for exploration and trying a new doo.  From getting bangs to bringing back a mullet from the 80s to trying a new hair color, trying a new hairstyle is a great way to glow up. Not only will you physically be a different person but you’ll be mentally stronger for trying something new.

2) Meditate

Finding one’s “zen” can feel impossible but meditating can open a world of growth and health benefits. Improvements in focus, anxiety, mental health, and sleep are just a few of the many positive impacts meditation provides. As meditating helps you become more in the moment, you’ll be ready to be the best, most present version of yourself by summer.

3) Spring Cleaning

A great way to prepare and glow up by the summer season is by using the spring as a period of cleansing. Going through your old clothes, items, and memories and deciding what doesn’t serve you anymore gives you space for new, exciting things to enter your life (and there is no time better for the new than the summer)

4) Exercise

By this, I mean not exercising not just for the prospects of your dream “summer bod” but the reality that it can instead serve as a great outlet for building strength, confidence, and endurance. Giving your body a chance to move whether inside, outdoors, walking, or running will be a great way to prepare for a summer of adventure and fun.

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