He's a mean one! It looks like the Grinch paid a visit to one New York business to cut a Christmas tree.

The problem is the business doesn't sell trees. But that didn't stop someone from sawing one down in the parking lot and taking it home. Maybe they were just taking it to their workshop to check the light on one side.

Stewart's Shops Christmas Tree

Stewart's Shops may be your one-stop shop but Christmas trees are one thing they don't sell. So someone just helped themselves to one in the parking lot.

Two Buttons Deep posted the sawed-off Christmas tree and it quickly went viral.

Cutting Own Christmas Tree

That wasn't the only tree the Grinch took down. Matt Evans shared a photo of another tree missing its top off State Route 787 in Albany County.

Credit- Matt Evans/Facebook
Credit- Matt Evans/Facebook

Stewart's Shops Tree Topper

There's one family who honored their late son with the most Upstate New York tree topper.

Rick Manning, Jr. of Mechanicville, New York passed away. The first holiday season the family spent without him they honored him, the best way they knew how.

At Thanksgiving, a plate was set at the table for Manning. In addition to the turkey and stuffing, there was a cup of Stewart's Shops coffee - his favorite.

Christmas Stewarts

For Christmas, the family decorated a tree in their yard in honor of Manning, complete with an ornament made out of a tin of nicotine pouches and Stewart's Shops cup on top, an idea Manning's sister Emily came up with.

"He was the biggest Stewart’s fan; had to honor him correctly," Emily said.

Credit - Sydney O’Malley
Credit - Sydney O’Malley

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