When it comes to kids, we will do everything we can to ensure their safety. But with technology and social media nowadays, it's hard to protect them from the dangers found at the palm of their hand.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office in Alabama posted an important message on the dangers of Snapchat, and has since gone viral. It's something New Yorkers should be aware of too.

In the post, they included a list of important actions and settings to be aware of on the app. Here's what they had to say...

Tim Savage from Pexels
Tim Savage from Pexels


Talk to your teen about their location and privacy settings. At Snapchat, privacy settings are turned on by default.

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People can only see the things you want to share, for as long as you want to share them. Make sure to adjust this setting to have as much privacy as possible.


Make sure your teen knows how to use our in-app reporting tools and that we don’t tell Snapchatters who reported them. These reports go directly to our 24/7 Trust and Safety team to investigate and take appropriate action. We also offer reporting tools on our website for those who don’t use Snapchat – which any parent can easily use.

Odua Images
Odua Images


Remind your teen that, as with sharing anything online, it’s important to be really careful about sending anyone – even a partner or close friend – personal or sensitive images and information. Snaps and Chats may delete by default, but there are ways to capture images from a phone or other device without a person’s consent.

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This is true despite Snapchat sending a notification in some instances when a screenshot is taken.


Make sure you and your teen are signed up for Snapchat’s Family Center.

Snapchat is the #1 cause of drama in school aged children... If YOU want to protect your child, make them delete it and block them from downloading it.

Thank you to the Morgan County Sheriff's Office and Decatur City Schools for sharing this information. Hopefully it helps parents keep their children safer, as Snapchat becomes an even bigger part of their life.

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