One of the greatest football players of all-time was spotted in our neck of the woods. But why?

It isn't every day a major celebrity is spotted in rural Upstate New York, let alone a football player. Of course there are great places to visit in our great state, but who would've thought this guy would make an appearance?

Credit - This Is Cooperstown, NY via Facebook
Credit - This Is Cooperstown, NY via Facebook

Peyton Manning Sighting

Cooperstown is home to many tourist attractions. There's the Baseball Hall of Fame, Ommegang Brewery, and of course... Cooperstown Dreams Park. These fields draw 12U teams from across the country, all to spend a week competing in tournaments to become the best-of-the-best.

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Those who live in and around Cooperstown also know it's a great opportunity for a summer job. You could do anything, from taking pictures on the field to serving up hotdogs at the concession stand. And sometimes when you're working, you can even run into some big named celebrities.

That was the case for Evan.

Credit - Richard Alan Polizzi via Facebook
Credit - Richard Alan Polizzi via Facebook

It isn't every day you run into a Hall of Fame football player like Peyton Manning in Cooperstown. Of course, there's always the chance for a known baseball player to stop by. But Evan was completely shocked to see "The Sheriff" himself at Dreams Park.

His grandfather, Richard Polizzi, was just as excited for Evan when he shared the selfie on Facebook.

My grandson Evan works at Dreams Park in Cooperstown. He got to meet Peyton today!

Why Peyton Manning was at Cooperstown Dreams Park is unknown. But we can assume he was there with his son Marshall, who turned 12-years-old this year.

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Cooperstown Distillery also has a custom Peyton Manning signed football decanter, available only on the Football Hall of Fame's website. Maybe he was stopping by to pick one up for himself!

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