ATScientists and astronomers are warning Americans to be careful which glasses they use when viewing the total solar eclipse expected for April 8.

When Is The Next Total Solar Eclipse?

The next total solar eclipse is expected to sweep across parts of the U.S., Mexico and Canada on April 8. All 48 contiguous states should be able to see at least a partial eclipse on that day.

The Solar Eclipse Is Observed In Asia
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NASA says the first location to experience totality (total eclipse of the sun) will be Mexico's Pacific coast at approximately 11:07 a.m. local time. From there, the path of totality will continue across several states including parts of Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York and Maine.

This eclipse will prove to be fairly rare. reports the totality visible to those on land across 15 states will be the highest since a July 11, 2010 total solar eclipse.

The next eclipse isn't expected to happen until April 20, 2042. The next time the U.S. will be able to view a total solar eclipse is August 12, 2045.

How To Check If Your Solar Eclipse Glasses Are Safe

One of the best ways to safely view the total solar eclipse on April 8 is by wearing special glasses specifically designed for looking at the sun during this type of event.

Several stores have been selling the glasses for the past month. But not every pair you see in stores will keep you safe.

Customers looking for color eclipse glasses
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InvestigateTV recently spoke with several experts in the field who expressed concern over "counterfeit" glasses. Most importantly, the use of such glasses could cause permanent damage to the viewer's eyes when staring directly at the eclipse.

One scientist told reporters the use of improper glasses could cause "permanent blindness."

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Thankfully, the American Astronomical Society has a resource to review suppliers and companies that produce eclipse glasses that have been deemed safe to use.

Group suggests checking to see if the seller is on the approved list before making any purchases.

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