Don't even think about wearing white to a wedding if this planner is working with the bride and groom.

Wedding Planner Calls Out Guests On TikTok

California-based wedding planner Cari Izaguirre wants everyone to know she is looking out for the bride's best interests, even if it means calling out a few guests for your fashion choices.

Izaguirre took to TikTok during a recent wedding reception to share her displeasure regarding guests who wore white to the event.

"I'm going to show you what not to wear to a wedding, because it is not OK," Izaguirre, who has more than 244,000 TikTok followers, says into the camera.

Izaguirre then proceeds to walk around the reception showing each female guest who is wearing white.

cara.izaguirre via TikTok
cara.izaguirre via TikTok

"You cannot tell me that's not a wedding dress," Izaguirre says regarding on guest who wore a white lacy dress. "Like, who is she? Apparently her husband works with the groom, but you don't wear that. You don't."

Izaguirre wraps up the video saying that she personally talked to each female guest who was wearing white and told them to not do that when attending weddings in the future. Guys wearing white are allowed under her standards as long as they are not wearing a white suit.

"I am that wedding planner that said something to them because that is not OK," Izaguirre says about confronting the guests. "I am not a b---h, I'm not. But, I do my job and that's what you have to do."

Other Colors You Should Never Wear To A Wedding agrees with Izaguirre that the color white should be reserved for the bride on her wedding day.

The website said the only time is white should be considered for guest attire is if the couple makes a specific requests for all attendees to wear that color. also recommended avoiding ivory tones and anything that resembles the colors of bridesmaid dresses when possible.

For the best photos, guests should avoid attire that sparkles under lights. Izaguirre also says shades of pink can look white in photos when you don't want to match the bride.

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