Eyes are always on the Buffalo Bills fans--at least for a tailgate. The Bills Mafia is known for creating this super fun, over-the-top culture at Bills games and you will never see anyone deny that Buffalo is the most fun football town in America.

But, why do the Buffalo Bills fans always jump through tables? When did jumping through tables start. It started in 2015 and here is what I believe, to be the VERY beginning.

Dizzy Bat Kid.

This guy didn't even go through a table, BUT this is how it got started. It was the first viral sensational moment that happened at a Buffalo Bills tailgate. Back when the bus lot across the street from the stadium would fill up, a kid was playing dizzy bat (you chug a beer and then spin in circles for as long as it took you to chug it--then you try to hit the can with a whiffle ball bat).

Well, he face planted right into the school bus. Bit it. Hard.

Was all over ESPN and the internet after Week #1.

At tailgate #2, someone put a Patriot's fan through the table. This was the first time someone went through a folding table in Buffalo, New York at a Bills tailgate.

At the time we were documenting all of the weird/funny/ridiculous things that Bills fans were doing in the parking lot. This was the first documented table slam.

Also, you can see the Buffalo Bills fan explaining in much detail what he wants to do because remember, this is probably the first time that it has ever been done before.

Of course, it went viral and the rest is history. You can check out the video below.

Bills Fans Dig Out Highmark Stadium In Western New York

Fans were digging out the home of the Buffalo Bills up until kickoff against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

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