Bills Mafia are losing their minds today over a tweet that went out and questioned how Josh Allen treats Hailee Steinfeld.

People have been following Josh Allen's relationship with Hailee Steinfeld very closely.  But this one has them on two different sides of the fence.

What was the tweet that made people so angry?

A tweet went out from a Kansas City journalist accusing Josh Allen of treating Hailee Steinfeld poorly while in Paris.  She also went on to infer that Allen was the reason why Stefon Diggs wants out of Buffalo.

Was he treating her poorly?

The video shows a car parked outside of a building.  Allen can briefly be seen walking from the car to the building.  He's quickly out of frame.  Then Hailee is helped out of the car by another woman before stopping for a quick picture.

The tweet claims that he should've helped her out of the car instead of simply running into the building by himself.  That's what a gentleman would have done.  I don't disagree that would be how I would want my daughter to be treated.

From an outsider's perspective, it is a pretty bad look.

This quick video doesn't tell the whole story

The problem with making a judgment on a video like this is that we don't have the whole story.  Did they agree that they wouldn't walk into the building together?  Did she ask him to go ahead of her for a reason that we don't know?  Were they running late and she sent him ahead so she could take a little time out with her fans?

We don't know.

Who cares what someone says on Twitter?

I agree that we should stay out of their lives.  Give them space and let them live.  So many people comment on stories like this that they don't care and I get it.

Was he being a bad boyfriend?  Maybe.  Should we celebrate athletes who treat people badly?  Not at all.  But do we know the reason why he jetted from the car to the building? No.

At this point, all he's guilty of is not acting like a perfect gentleman for 20 seconds in front of a camera for reasons that we don't know.

The reason that Bills Mafia is so angry is that this journalist obviously has a hatred for Josh Allen and Bills fans and they believe that is the only reason she pointed this brief moment out.  Is it possible there's more to the story that we don't know?  Sure there is. This person claims that she's just trying to shine light on "the real Josh Allen."  Allen has a pretty good record here in Buffalo with treating people right and being a good role model so far.  So obviously until we see something different we are going to back our QB1.

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