If we had to name one play that seems to have taken over during the 2023-24 NFL season, it has to be the “Tush Push.”

Similar to a “scrum” in rugby, the “tush push” happens when the QB lines up behind the center, setting up like a quarterback sneak. However, instead of using their own momentum to move forward, they're literally pushed from behind by several teammates. 

The Philadelphia Eagles mastered the art of the “tush push,” and several other teams have used the play to gain yardage this season, including our own Buffalo Bills.

Although the move is often successful, it’s also controversial - and there’s even whispers that the NFL might not even allow teams to run it next season. But until then, we’re sure we’ll see it many times throughout the playoffs. 

Several times during last night’s massive win against the Miami Dolphins, the Bills were seen breaking out the “tush push,” so much so that NBC commentator Cris Collinsworth suggested during the broadcast that the move be renamed the “Buffalo Bobsled.” 

Hmmm…do we like that nickname, or not?

Do Buffalo Bills Fans Like The Term “Buffalo Bobsled”?

We asked fellow members of Bills Mafia on Facebook whether or not we should adopt the new “Buffalo Bobsled” nickname, or if the ubiquitous “Tush Push” deserves to stay - and we got a ton of great responses.

Although we admit that hearing and saying “tush push” makes most of us giggle, the answers were nearly unanimous that the saying has got to go. But on the flip side, not everyone was on board with “Buffalo Bobsled,” considering it was coined by Collinsworth (who is admittingly not a favorite among fans). 

Instead, terms like the “Snow Plow,” the “Buffalo Stampede”, and the “Josh Mosh” (which we actually love) were all thrown out there as suggestions to replace it. However, one new nickname stood out among the rest, and we are 100% on board to start using it every time a “tush push” is in play…

Introducing: “The Shnow Plow”

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

How great is that?! 

The "Shnow Plow,” which utilizes the nickname of our favorite offensive lineman (and soon-to-be Pro Bowler) Dion Dawkins, is a way better nickname for this NFL move. 

Why Dion Dawkins Is Called “The Shnow”

“Shnow” as his friends and fellow teammates call him, embraces his nickname so fully that he has the moniker tattooed across his chest. 

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According to the Buffalo Bills, he’s had the pet name since he was a kid.

"I would wait for a snow day and then set my alarm extremely early. I would wake up and hit doors and ask them if they wanted their driveway shoveled…I call myself the ‘Shnowman’ because they're the spark of the outside." - Dion Dawkins

Hence why the “Shnow Plow” is the perfect replacement for that awful “Tush Push” expression - if he can spend his days shoveling snow, he can definitely shovel his QB and receivers to get the first down or into the end zone. 

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