Hate Tom Brady?  Want to hear some people tear him down a little?  Then get ready because there is a roast coming up that you won't want to miss.

Most sports towns have a player from another town that they probably hate.  In Miami, that's Josh Allen.  For many years in Buffalo it was Tom Brady.  He owned the Bills for years and disrespected our hotels and our city when he played for the Patriots.

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While this won't make it all go away, it might feel good to see him get kicked around a little.

Tom Brady is finally getting roasted on Netflix

Netflix has announced that they will be doing a live roast of Tom Brady.  It was actually announced in May of 2022 so there's a good chance you probably thought that they never really intended to do it, or that they thought you'd forget.  At the time, they thought it might come out in 2023, but it never did.  So now, they've finally set a date.

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When is the Tom Brady Roast on Netflix?

They're calling "The Greatest Roast of All Time:  Tom Brady" and they've set a date for May 5, 2024.  It's going to stream live and uncensored and will happen at 8pm (Eastern time).

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Who will be there?

As of right now, they've only released the names of three people that will be there.  They have Tom Brady (of course), Jeff Ross who will serve as the Roast Master, and Kevin Hart will host.  They are also saying that there will be a ton of "mystery guests" so you can imagine there will probably be a bunch of other comedians, probably some former teammates (Gronk?), and more.

We might have to get some football snacks and call some friends over for this one!

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