Things went downhill real fast between former Bills receiver Stefon Diggs and Bills Mafia and now he's putting even more distance between himself and Buffalo.

What the heck happened between Diggs and Bills fans?  One day people were defending him, and the next, he became enemy number one.

It started with the trade

Sure, there were fans who were already jumping off the Diggs bandwagon before he was traded to Houston.  They were screaming that he wanted out of Buffalo even when he was claiming that he wanted to retire a Buffalo Bill.  People seemed to see through it all and knew that there was something wrong.

Then he got traded to the Houston Texans and all bets were off.

Then he liked a tweet

People started to go after Diggs on social media after the trade, but it really got amped up after he liked a tweet from someone on social media saying how bad Bills Mafia was.

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It was on after that.  Bills Mafia isn't going to stand for it.

An innocent tweet turns into a low-blow

While most people think we should just move on and forget about Diggs (he's been traded and is no longer our problem), others have begun to pile on. Earlier this week he tweeted asking for suggestions for "cheat meals."

Tons of Bills fans responded that wings were the perfect solution to rub it in that they don't make wings in Houston like they do here in Buffalo.

That's when Diggs took his shot.

Come on man!  You know we don't eat our wings with ranch!

It's fair though.  If Bills fans can take their shots at him, he has every right to fire back.  But dang, that was cold of him.  He's clearly no longer, even the littlest bit, a fan of Buffalo.

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