We're only 11 days away from the start of the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine, which will be held in Indianapolis once again.

It's the first big off-season event for teams, as they try and scout potential draft picks. They also meet with prospects in their meeting rooms, which gives coaches and front office personnel a chance to pick the players brains and see what kind of person they are. That stuff matters to head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane.

As for the players currently on the team, they await the start of free agency. The Bills will likely have to let most of their pending free agents hit free agency, because they're projected over $50 million over the salary cap as it stands now. The Bills will have to restructure some contracts like Josh Allen and Dion Dawkins, but even so, they won't have much money to play with.

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That's one reason why Stefon Diggs is in all likelihood, not going anywhere in 2024.

Diggs' trade talks have been a topic on social media and talk shows for months, but even if he wants to leave Buffalo, there's no financial way the Bills could make it work before 2025.

Diggs' dead cap hit in 2024 is $31 million. That means, if the Bills released or traded him, that dead cap hit would have to be taken, which Buffalo simply cannot financially afford. On top of the fact the Bills are already so far over the salary cap before the new league year begins in March.

Plus, the Bills need wide receiver help. They will likely lose Gabe Davis in free agency and despite Diggs being 31 this upcoming season, they need his production. Khalil Shakir has proven himself to be a good slot receiver but outside of him and Diggs, that's it for players they could be relying on who are currently on the roster.

I know that people just see the cryptic social media posts, interview soundbites and everything else dating back to the 2022 playoff loss to Cincinnati as reason enough Diggs might not be back, but there's no financial way that the Bills can get rid of him in 2024.

However, 2025 that dead cap number goes down enough to where it could be possible.

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