The NFL released some news today that Bills fans were waiting for and they're going to be very happy with the announcement.

The NFL has made it a priority to expand their fanbases into multiple countries over the last couple of years.  The Bills were one of the first teams to do it with their commitment to play games in Toronto.  At the time Ralph Wilson was still the owner of the Bills and he agreed to a deal that would have the Bills play one "home" game per year (over five years) in Canada.  Every other year starting in 2008 they would also play one preseason game there.

The goal was to expand the fan base.  But what many fans felt it did was take a "home game" away from the home fans.

The NFL added more international games

Following that agreement, the NFL decided to add more international games.  Some were played in Mexico City, others in London.  More recently, they've added Munich, Germany to the list of cities where the NFL would play.

The Bills played in London and it didn't go well

There is nothing against any of these incredible cities that the NFL has chosen to play in.  But when a team has to travel there, more often than not, their fans lose the chance to go and see them in their own home stadium.

In 2023, the Buffalo Bills took on Jacksonville in London in game that cost them more than just a win.  The Bills had multiple players go down with massive injuries.  They lost not only DaQuan Jones with a pectoral injury but also starting linebacker Matt Milano with a broken leg.

The Bills will not be heading to Brazil

The NFL added a new game this year in Brazil this year.  The Bills are not going to be playing that game. The NFL announced that game will feature the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers in São Paulo at the Corinthians Arena, home to Brazilian soccer team SC Corinthians.  We knew that the Eagles would be in that game already and that they weren't on the Bills' list of regular season opponents in 2024.  But this just solidified that the Bills will not be there.



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