This could really be the catch of a lifetime. 

For most, fishing is a relaxing hobby spent in the great outdoors. Thousands of New York residents spend the warmer months flocking to their local lake, river, or pond and cast their reels while enjoying some thoughtful reflection. (Maybe, if they get lucky, they’ll also get a nice fish or two out of it.)

The same can’t exactly be said for certain types of fishermen, though– especially one particular New York State couple who managed to catch an epic find.  

Magnet Fishing Becoming More & More Popular In New York State Waters

James Kane and Barbie Agostini aren’t your typical couple who fish together to spend some peaceful quality time together. Instead of trying to reel in some trout or perch, the New York City duo attempts to pull up some actual treasure.

YouTube via AP
YouTube via AP

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Magnet fishing is exactly what it sounds like; avid hunters cast their reels into a body of water, but instead of hooks, they use magnets to catch metal objects that have sunk to the bottom. 

Showcasing their crazy finds on their popular YouTube channel, Kane and Agostini have caught some outrageous stuff since they first got into magnet fishing during the COVID lockdown, like weapons, antique relics, and even a motorcycle. Think of all of the history that’s lying on the bottom of our New York lakes and ponds right now!

However, we had no idea something this incredible was lying out of sight right under our noses.  

safe found nys pond
YouTube via AP

New York State Couple Hits The Fishing Jackpot

According to USA Today, Kane and Agostini were recently magnet fishing on a pond in Queens, New York when, to their delight, they pulled up a huge, muddy safe. It wasn’t the first time they’ve found one, but usually, there’s nothing to write home about inside.

However, to their surprise, the safe was far from empty. Rather, it was stocked to the brim with cold, (very wet) cash– cash that police said they could actually keep.

Money safe nys
YouTube via AP

The bad news? Because of the damage to the hundreds of $100 bills, it’s hard to determine how much of it is actually worth anything. The couple told AP that the U.S. Treasury Department is working on piecing together the damaged money, and will write them a check for what they deem salvageable. Each of the bills must be at least 50% intact to be worth their value, otherwise, as they explained, the amazing find is “literally garbage.”

But on the bright side, if the bills can be saved,  the New York State couple could be pocketing nearly $100k!

How the heck did a safe with that much money end up at the bottom of a lake? Was it a mafia crime coverup? Revenge by a scorned lover? Did it simply fall off the back of a boat? Either way, what an incredibly lucky catch. 

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