It's been a couple of days now since Stefon Diggs was shipped off to Houston.  Today, we got to hear some of Josh Allen's thoughts about it.

Stefon Diggs was traded to the Houston Texans on April 3rd.  Today, more than two weeks after it was done we got to hear what Josh Allen thought about it.

As you would expect with a trade of that magnitude, a lot has been said about it.  One of the things that Brandon Beane has said was that he had reached out to Josh to let him know that they would be seeking to trade Diggs.  He didn't really ask what he thought about it, he just didn't want him to be blindsided by it.

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Did Josh Allen reach out to Diggs after he was traded?

One of the big questions to Josh Allen today during his press conference was if he had spoken with Diggs since the trade went down.  Allen responded with something that turned heads a bit.

Allen said that he sent Diggs a text and thanked him for everything that he did for him and that he'll always have a spot in his heart for him.  He said that he got one back, but many thought that seemed a little odd.

Allen didn't really seem bothered

Take it for what it is.  Was Allen just playing the company card and acting like they're fine without him?  Or is he really ok with these changes.

For two players who were "like brothers," that feels pretty nonchalant from both of them.  There wasn't a phone call?  They didn't talk at all about it?  Allen did say that that's just the nature of the business and that he wishes they could keep everyone but "it is what it is."  This is true.  Players are moved between teams all the time. He isn't paid to make player or roster changes.  He's paid to be the best quarterback he can be and if he can't change it, then why worry about it?

Are we overthinking it?

It's possible that a lot of Bills Mafia is just overthinking all of this.  There could be nothing to it.  Maybe they never were as close as we thought they were.  Maybe they're not at odds like it seems that they are right now.  When it all comes down to it, it's time to move on.  Stef is gone.  Allen is here.  That's what we have.

It just feels like there is a lot more to this than we will ever know.  But then, we don't need to.

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