Fist pumps, fist bumps, butt taps and big hugs are all typical ways we see NFL quarterbacks celebrate after a touchdown. But have you ever seen this before?

The Buffalo Bills had a massive win against the Washington Commanders on Sunday, leaving the field with a 37-3 win and a two game winning streak. 

Josh Allen was in his prime throughout the game, and we’re finally starting to see the swagger we know he has. In fact, Allen did something after a big play we’ve never seen him do before. 

Remember This Amazing Play From Josh Allen On Sunday?

Just over four minutes into the 4th quarter, Allen and the Bills offense found themselves at 2nd and goal with a huge gap in the middle of the field. Never one to pass up a running opportunity, Allen bolted into the end zone to put the Bills up 23-0.

Not only did that play result in one of the most iconic photos of Josh Allen ever, it also brought out a side of him we haven’t seen in a while. 

Allen Disses Commanders Fans With This Awesome Move

After “Air Allen” made that literal layup of a TD, he sprinted over to the sidelines in celebration. Perhaps he forgot where he was for a moment, because Allen ran straight up to a fan in the end zone and extended his hand for a high-five.

When the loyal Washington fan waved him away (who can blame the guy, really - the play was pretty brutal), instead of wasting a perfectly good high-five, Allen decided to follow through and literally slapped his own other hand.

A self-five for the ages.

Corny? Maybe. Embarrassing? Not if you’re Josh Allen!

I mean, we’ve all been told to “give ourselves a pat on the back,” right? This is just a much better (and easier) way to do that.

All of us after seeing Josh Allen being Josh Allen:


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