The Buffalo Bills are preparing for their huge game this Sunday afternoon and evening, when they host the red hot Dallas Cowboys at Highmark Stadium. Kickoff is 4:25 pm.

The Cowboys are fighting for the number one seed in the NFC, but have an uphill battle with the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles having better odds right now.

Meanwhile, the Bills likely have to win three of their remaining four games to make the postseason; winning all four pretty much assures it. If Buffalo loses two more games, they will likely be out. The Bills still have a chance at the division as well.

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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has never been to Orchard Park before in his 8-year career and will get to see Bills Mafia in full force.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen has a message for fans for this Sunday's game.

He needs them to be as loud as they possibly can be. Allen says this game they need Bills Mafia more than ever.

:"We absolutely need them, in this game especially," said Allen.

The Cowboys haven't been to Orchard Park since 2015. They have been lights out on offense and defense, but this will be a test since they have not played Josh Allen since 2019 and this environment will be unlike anything they have faced this season.

The weather will be warmer than it should be for mid-December. Highs will be 45-50 degrees for kickoff, with rain showers possible.

This is 100 percent a game that Bills fans have to be as loud as possible. It's also a game the Bills must score first and get up on Dallas early.

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