Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills won the biggest AFC East game of the year against the Miami Dolphins, clinching the #2 seed and the title for the AFC East Champions. 

It is the fourth-consecutive year that the Buffalo Bills have won the AFC East, and halfway through the season, there were a lot of people that counted the Bills out of the running for the Playoffs.  

You have to think…after Week 10, the Buffalo Bills had a 5-5 record. Less than 24 hours later, the Buffalo Bills made an adjustment to the coaching staff, implementing Joe Brady into the offensive coordinator position. 

Since then, the Buffalo Bills have had a record of 6-1. It was a pretty incredible turnaround, but one thing that really helped the Bills continue pushing forward towards the Playoffs was the fans. 

After the game, Josh Allen personally ran towards the fans and threw his arms up to the cheers, as if he was saying “thank you.” 

Reporter Melissa Stark asked Josh how he feels about the fans and the fact that many of them traveled to Miami to support the team, and he said:

“Oh, they’re awesome. They are fantastic. I was going around trying to let them know I appreciate everybody making the trip and the effort. We’re going to need them next week, whether we’re playing Saturday or Sunday.” 

As of Monday morning, the Bills are the 9.5 point favorite against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the tickets are priced higher than usual. On average, you will spend about $320 per ticket. 

The game will be held at Highmark Stadium on Sunday, January 14 @ 1 PM. 

Let’s go, Buffalo!

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